• 2021/11/02 dany

    manual italy sj-209

  • 2021/11/02 dany

    manual italian

  • 2021/11/02 Mary Modiri

    Hello, what does it mean when the temp gauge says 06 on your fright? What temperature is that in Fahrenheit? I work at a school and keep insulin inside. My parent needs to know the exact temp. Thanks, Mary

  • 2021/09/05 melisa

    i just purchased the sj-209 and cant find any accessories for it,where do i get them at

  • 2021/08/17 James Waycaster

    Just purchased sj-209. Jar lid sealing adapter is missing. How do I get one?

  • 2021/08/12 TOM HSUE


  • 2021/08/05 Anita Ward

    Please send free gift of bags to: Anita Ward 26 Langdon Drive Dartmouth, NS B2W5C3

  • 2021/08/01 c pet

    1. where do I buy containers that go with the attachment hose 2. where do I get the free bags